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May 31st, 2012

Hoisin Beef and Scallion Stir Fry

Steak is always a favorite at my house – no matter how you cook it.  This stir fry is simple and good.  Thin sliced flank steak and scallions; hoisin sauce has a rich, sweet flavor – you can find it in the Asian section of your market.   And yes, scallions are just green onions which also have a mild, sweet flavor when you cook them.  Put it all together for a delicious, easy dinner.  It’s good served with brocoli.

Hoisin Beef and Scallion Stir Fry

2 tablespoons hoisin sauce
2 tablespoons rice vinegar
1 tablespoon cornstarch
sea salt

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May 30th, 2012

Cheesecake Dip

Cheesecake Dip

I feel like Memorial Day weekend kind of kicks off the start of summer.  The local pool opens, the weather seems to get warmer and everyone gets that summer kind of attitude.  We still have two more days of school, but it sure feels like summer.  The poor kids are having a hard time going to school these last couple of days.  It is hard to go to school when you know the pool down the street is open and just waiting for a summer of fun!

Summer definitely brings a bounty of fruit and this Cheesecake Dip pairs perfectly 

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May 29th, 2012

Cheers to Summer Printable and Recipe Card

May 28th, 2012

Happy Memorial Day

Remembering those who made possible all we have.

We will be forever grateful.

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May 25th, 2012

Raspberry Lemonade

I think that this week I am in need of a serious time out with one of these.  Just looking at the picture makes me crave one instantly.  But, seriously, wouldn’t it be nice if I could take the time out rather than my kids sometimes.   I think I might just try it one day.  Of course laying by a pool would be way more fun than locking myself in my room, but hey I’ll take whatever I can get.

This Raspberry Lemonade is Amazing…sometimes a nice cool drink can really brighten up your day.  Of course, this lemonade is

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Caramel Potatoes

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